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Sarid Institute for Research Services Ltd. will help you make sense of the mass of data flowing in and around your enterprise.

We are experts at picking out those nuggets of quality information that you and your team need for timely and effective decisions in your day-to-day complex knowledge-driven environment.

We are an authoritative, expert and progressive institute for study design, planning and analyses of statistical data across a wide spectrum of fields.

We also provide enterprises and institutes with research consulting services. This is all supported by a wide range of cutting-edge statistical methodologies for carrying-out qualitative and quantitative data gathering, processing and analysis.

Sarid Institute’s research reports are renowned for their relevance and cost benefit. What our clients get from us at the end of each project is a clear picture, reliable analysis and valuable guidance about commercial, industrial, financial or medical issues that they are interested in.

Our clients, home and around the world, trust our professional team's work and research consulting support for its independence, relevance, reliability, accuracy and practical insights. There is always close collaboration between our team and the client at every stage of any work that Sarid Institute undertakes.

Always at the cutting-edge of information research