About Sarid Institute

Sarid Institute for Research and Consultation LTD - Research, Surveys, Data Analysis and more.

Sarid Institute was founded in 1991 by Dr. Miriam Sarid and Joseph Sarid.


The institute has aimed from the start to being one of the leading institutes in Israel and to give applicative solutions with methodological tools, in the highest possible level, without compromises.


To us, the surveys and the research we conduct are the means that must help you with taking the right decisions, and for that we use the methods best fitting your need.


The aim of the research is to minimize the uncertainty and allow you to see and undestand the whole picture.


We believe that in order to help you with the right decisions, our work has to be thorough, reliable, comprehensive from the begining.


The results of our work turn into a useful tool that can be used by all the organization's levels:

From working level employees to senior decisions makers.


So, what exactly do we do?

We tailor the research suit that best fits our customer's needs:

The work is conducted with full coordination and includes, among others, the following steps:

  • Define the aimes and goals - What does the research or survey need to supply us with?
  •  Define the research questions - What topics do we have to examine? What models are going to be used?
  • Choosing the working methods - Building and adopting  the right tools for the work
  • Data collection
  • Data processing and statistical analysis
  • Deducing and preparing a complete and comprehansive report including operational recommendations

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