Research Services

Sarid Institute employs a variety of research methods, according to the customer's needs.

The aim is to acquire reliable and relevant information, and to present it clearly, so that you will be able to make better decisions.


For that, we have to ask the right questions, aiming to the right population, and eventually – bring you the findings and the insights in the best way so that you can understand them, use them, learn the lessons and implement the conclusions.


One of our benefits is that we tailor each customer with the complete research "suit" that fits according to his needs.


You are welcome to read an outline of our research steps.


Here are some of the research types we conduct:


Market Research, Market Survey:

Examination of new markets

Data Mining

Brand Equity


Point of Sale

Home Usage Test

Commercial and Campaign



Medical Research:

Professionals Surveying (Medical Staff)


Data Mining

Profitability and Applicability

Behavioral Study

Operating Medical Call Centers


Organizational Surveys:

Organization Culture/Climate

Testing Employee Motivation Methods

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Quality of Service for Internal Customers

Effectiveness of Training Methods


Customer Survey:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Characterization / Customer Profiling

Models for Estimation of Loyalty and/or Abandonment


Political and Social Research:

Political Surveys

Public Opinion

Accompanying Political Campaigns (General, Municipal, Primaries)

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