Market Research

In a commercial and competetive world, it is essential to have a reliable and up to date understanding regarding your product, brand, service you give, your ideas, the organizations you work with and other forces in the market.


Products and services - What are the market's demands, and how do you set yourself to supply them?

Publicity - What is the expected influence of your campaign, and what is its effectivness during and afterwards?

Competition - Who are the other players in the market? what are the strategies and actions regarding your activities and what is their business position?


After getting the information you need you can make better decisions regarding your next step. We at Sarid Institute preform the market research you need to present you with relevant and detaild information in order to make your next step safer, informed, with minimal uncertainty.

Some examples of market research includes: Examining the market for new products or services, data mining, brand equity, point of sale research, campaign's effectiveness, home usage tests, and many more.

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