Research Steps

Before each survey or research we first investigate what is the best method that will serve the customer, and fit his needs in the best way.

The following outline of research steps may change from different research projects, but in general most projects go through these steps.

Define aim and needs: In this phase we learn from customer. What are his needs? Why and does he need a survey? What can a survey tell us?


Coordinate expectations: What can we produce from the research? What we cannot produce? What different research methods can we use to produce the information we need? What are the pros and cons of each of the methods? What and why did we recommend a certain method above others?


Define the research topics: This step is usually performed by brainstorming with the customer. We ask the customer to provide a detailed list of topics he would like to get more information about (not necessarily questions for a questionnaire).


Build the research platform (e.g. questionnaire): In this step we use the research topics which were defined by the customer and fit a reliable research platform (e.g. phone interviews, face to face, focus groups, omnibus, etc.). We build a preliminary draft of the questionnaire which is based on the topics he raised. The draft goes through Ping-Pong of revisions between us and the customer, until a satisfactory version is attained. In this step we also plan the sampling.


Data Collection: This step is preformed according to the selected research platform. We brief the surveyors according to the project's specific properties and emphasis. The data collection may be performed centrally (e.g. from our own call center) or from a number of locations (e.g. in the field). Sometimes the customer already has the data and this step is not needed, in which case we conduct some QA on the existing data and prepare it for analysis.


Data processing and analysis: In this step the data is transferred to out skilled researchers which utilize advanced statistical tools, according to the needs, and the questions which interest the customer (e.g. segmentation, prediction, estimation, calculating potential, etc.)


Presentation to decision makers: At the end of the data processing and analysis we write a comprehensive report which includes all the findings which were detected at the data analysis. Among else we provide the customer with:

  1. A managerial summary, which brings the core of the research findings, the most important insights and our recommendations in 1-2 pages.
  2. A comprehensive chapter which includes all the results of the research with accompanying explanations, graphs, tables, etc. This chapter uses the working-level employees which have the time and the need to more detailed information.
  3. A presentation which includes a summary of the results and presented by one of our senior managers/researchers in a 1-2 hour meeting. In this meeting the forum is welcome to raise questions regarding the methodology, findings, and might also ask for additional statistical analysis.

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