Medical Research

Medical research requires a high degree of expertise, accuracy and consistency due to the sensitive nature of such studies and the impact they have on human health.

Among the services which Sarid Institute supplies in this field of expertise are:

  • Medical position surveys - Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, in fieds such as drug usage, familiarity with medical devices, medical procedures and more.
  • Medical opinion - Data gathering from physicians in medical topics.
  • Data Management - Sarid Institute gives flexible solutions for your clinical study. Our services save the researcher's time by taking off of him the load of managing the research while assuring the scientific and medical GCP rules. We work with medical experts in order to manage, record and process the data from your clinical trial.
  • Data gathering from existing medical records.
  • Data mining - This can help arrange huge amounts of data in order to figure out whats important and whats not, what factors most influence the outcome. Data mining can reveal critical issues such as drug reaction or side effects.
  • Writing medical reports according to the GCP rules and scientific journals conventions.

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