Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a research tool which enables to examine different aspects of the examined organization, such as: processes, activities, behaviours and procedures in the organization.

Mystery shopping is not limited to examining the buying process of a products but can also examine the service level in an organization or every other topic which the customer is interested in examining.

Frequent use of mystery shopping techniques can be found in banks, retail, fast food, resteraunts, gas stations, insurance companies, car dealers, heath services, and other service organzations.

A mystery shopper sent by Sarid Institute to "shop" in the examined organization will conduct the following:

  • A thorough examination of the environment he goes into
  • Examin the service level and the employees' expertise
  • Shop for a certain product or service in the organization and inquire about it
  • Fully document the findings via video or audio
  • Fill in a personal review of the shopping experience

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