The Team

Dr. Yossi Sarid (PhD)

יוסי שריד - מנכ

CEO and shared owner


One of the institute's founders


Expert in public opinion surveys, political surveys and applicative research.


Member of ESOMAR the world association for market, social and opinion research. ESOMAR members commit for high professional standarts, etics and excellence in research.


Dr. Miri Sarid (PhD)

Head of research and shared owner


One of the institute's founders.


A senior researcher, expert in statistical analysis. Lecturer for statistics and research methods in the Western Galil College, and a senior faculty member. 


Adi Sarid (MSc, a PhD student in the department for Industrial Engineering in Tel-Aviv University)

עדי שריד - מנהל מחלקת חקר הביצועים במכון שריד

Head of Operations Research department and partner

Expert in Operations Research model development, data processing, statistical learning, and data mining.


Yael Zamir (B-Tech)

יעל זמיר - מנהלת אדמיניסטרטיבית במכון שריד

Administrative manager






Expert Advisors


Dr. Arik Palnitzki (PhD)

Expert Advisor


Expert in community work, managing social services, rehabilitation of developmental issues and mental health, guidance of emploees and groups.

Arie Cooper (MA)

Senior Financial Advisor


CPA and accoutant, specializes in financial models.


Surveying Crews


Surveying Crews

A team of field surveyors, and phone surveyeres.

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