About Adi Sarid

Adi Sarid is a partner and head of Operations Research Department at the Sarid Research Institute LTD. Adi is completing his PhD in Operations Research at the department of Industrial Engineering in Tel-Aviv university. Adi holds an MSc in Operations Research from Tel-Aviv university, and a BA in Mathematics Statistics and Operations Research from the Technion. Adi is also a certified RStudio instructor, teaching tidyverse, shiny, statistics, and data science.

What is Data Science? (and how it can help in your business)


Data Science is a relatively new scientific field. It started developing in the last decade and intermixes statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Data Science mainly concerns data analysis (similarly to statistics), utilizing various algorithms and programming languages (such as R and Python). Mostly working on large data sets (i.e., “Big Data”). The workflow of a [...]

What is Data Science? (and how it can help in your business)2020-12-18T11:29:57+02:00

What dinosaurs are hiding in your data?


One of the important tools data scientists love using are data visualizations (i.e., graphs). You might be asking yourself why can't we completely rely on descriptive statistics? Shouldn't average, standard deviation, correlation be enough? well... they aren't. A recent paper by Justin Matejka and George Fitzmaurice, shows this very beautifully. Matejka and Fitzmaurice synthetically [...]

What dinosaurs are hiding in your data?2020-10-20T18:17:25+03:00
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